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Rob Bromilow Workshops Q&A

Why did you consider executive coaching?

First of all, the main reason that we wanted to get out team doing coaching was because obviously Jaqui did training with the company right from the start, so around six-seven years ago. So Dan and the initial team already had experience with Jaqui and knew how she could help us, so Dan suggested she helped out with the account managers and with the senior management team as well.

What were your expectations?

I think for Jaqui to have advice for people, give them some pointers, give them tips on how to be more confident when you are presenting and I suppose just generally to get the best out of people.

Were there any surprises?

Not from my point of view, but I think some of the people who did the training may have been surprised at Jaqui’s ability to give great direct feedback. She’s not afraid to give back feedback in a group of people, and I think some people are used to that but some people aren’t, so that might have been a surprise for some people.

What have been the benefits for you/staff/business?

We started receiving this training back in February time and it was about four sessions for two different groups. The benefits are in the early stages but will help long term. The initial things we noticed were people applying what they have learnt, things like posture, how you introduce yourself to people, identifying personality types and making sure you know what the client fits into.

What have you noticed is the greatest impact?

Giving people belief, because it’s not only negative feedback, there is positive, constructive feedback which helps people to realise what they are good at.

How have you measure you development and success?

We haven’t at the moment but it will be measured by client retention.

Would you recommend it to other people?

Yeah, definitely.

Do you think that it has helped with your overall sense of wellbeing’

Yeah, I think it gives you a good appreciation of why you are doing things, I think people can often get stuck in the day to day of reporting and looking at spreadsheets. Executive coaching gives you a bit of a step back.

Is there anything you think is essential to ensure you have a good coaching relationship?

Communication and new ideas.

Did you find any part of the process difficult?

Not with Jaqui, obviously some of the sessions were challenging, such as thinking on the spot and the cave rescue challenge.

How frequently would you recommend having coaching sessions?

Depends on the business, how many people there are and what the sessions are looking to cover. But regularly, yeah.

What do you think makes a good coach?

Somebody who sees how people can improve but also what people are good at and can get the best out of that.

Do you think providing exec coaching helps to retain staff and make them more committed to the job?

Yeah I think so because it shows you are willing to invest in them and to develop them.

Do you think it is important you have actions to complete after each session?

Yeah because you can sit there listening and then go back to work and forget or think ‘yeah I’ll do it but not right now,’ but giving a task ensures they will have thought about what they need to.

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